OPPO and Xiaomi are two of the few companies really pushing the boundaries of innovation in recent times and they look set to do more of the same in the next year or two with a new under-display selfie camera.

We always knew / hoped that the end game of the notches and the pop-up cameras was a selfie camera that sat behind the display while being fully functional. It seems that OPPO and Xiaomi may have a break on other companies with this selfie camera, showing it off on social media today.

Our favourite OPPO VP who has shared so many leaks and tidbit with us this year, Brian Shen, today shared a video on his Weibo account showing a functional under-display selfie camera. Accompanying the video was a note that the quality of the under-display camera is not quite up to that of a ‘non-screen’ camera just yet but that they are working to perfect the new technology.

This was followed up by Xiaomi President, Lin Bin, showing off their under-display camera on a Mi 9 prototype — “No burrowing, no water droplets, no pop-ups”.

It is unclear when this technology will make it to market but you can be sure both of these companies will be working hard to be first to market with this technology. The Xiaomi implementation looks to be functioning fairly well, as much as we can tell from this video.

I for one am glad for the end to notches and cameras with movable parts. Hopefully the quality can match that of current selfie cameras before too long and we see in production.

Source: Engadget.
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What is so wrong with the bezel? I don’t mind mine on my note 8 *shrug*