Google have rolled out five versions of Android Q Beta before now, each one more stable than the last. Now they are rolling out the sixth and final Android Q Beta “just a few weeks away from the official release of Android Q”.

Google’s Dave Burke has taken to their blog to announce the new update — a release candidate, suggesting that Google think that it is ready for the prime time and if all goes well with this one we will see the finalised Android Q within a few weeks.

Today’s final Beta 6 includes the latest system images, the final API 29 SDK and updated build tools for developers to get their apps Android Q ready. In saying that there are still a few known bugs that Google need to iron out before Android Q is released to the masses in a few weeks time.

Google have also made some changes to the new gesture navigation system based on user feedback and there is now a 200dp vertical app exclusion limit to the Back gesture in the new Beta to “ensure reliable and consistent operation.” There is also a new “Back Sensitivity” setting in the System navigation options.

If you are not enrolled in the Beta program and would like to check it out now that it is close to final you can enrol your device in the Beta program now and if you are already living on the edge inside the Beta program check out your phone for the update — our Pixel 3a XL had its update waiting for us this morning or grab the system images or OTA and flash it yourself.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Android Q in its current Beta form. Like the new gesture navigation?

Source: Google.
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So this beta is not an official release? Is it leaked or something? Or does it just mean the final production version will come soon?

Jeni Skunk

Wonder how long after the official release, we’ll start seeing a roll out of Q for Android One and Android Go devices?