With Google deciding to move their smart home products under the Nest brand going forward we’ve been expecting a re-brand of the old product lines going forward, it seems Google’s plan may just be to replace them with an updated version. According to ‘sources’ it seems that the Nest team are working on the successor to the Google Home Mini and have taken some feedback on board.

The new rumoured Nest Mini will replace the current devices and bring with it some much requested features. The Nest Mini will feature better quality speakers with louder maximum volume, better overall sound, a richer bass, a 3.5mm audio jack likely for sending audio to better non Bluetooth speakers, and a ‘built in wall mount’ (ie. a mounting hole on the rear at best guess).

The overall size and presentation of the device is expected to be very similar to the existing Home Mini which would make sense. One exciting new feature is rumoured to be “proximity awareness”. This feature will apparently display the current volume as you hold your hand over the device.

We’d love this to be a full Soli sensor allowing hand gesture control for the Nest Mini but it more likely to be a sensor to overcome the input control issues that the original Home Minis experienced.

With Google’s annual Made by Google event on a few months away it shouldn’t be long until we start seeing more leaks about this and hopefully other Google Nest products.

Source: 9to5Google.