If you’re looking for the right way to make a start on your smart home, look no further than this great bundle deal from Officeworks. It used to be that your “starter kit” was a Google Home or Google Home Mini with a smart light or something, but this deal is much better.

Get yourself a Lenovo Smart Clock (i.e. Google Assistant with a display) for a great price, and thrown in as well, a smart colour-changing light and a smart plug. Of course, all these things work together, so you can use your smart clock to turn your smart light on and off, and the same for your smart plug.

What could you do with this? Well, in my bedroom for example we’ve got a smart display (slightly bigger than a smart clock, but the same effect), and a smart plug controlling my bedside light. This means I can turn it on and off by voice, or through the Google Home app on my phone.

Now, with this bundle from Officeworks, you can start to do the same, but be warned – smart homes are addictive, and before you know it you’ll have a few smart plugs, air conditioning controllers, power meters, smart globes, lights and more, and Assistant-enabled devices in most rooms. It gets expensive! Just ask Duncan … 🙂

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Pablo Picasso

Wow, thats not a good advertisment !!!


That deal is appear finished by the looks of things. $148 for the bundle on the website.


deal is not available on their website..its $148