It’s been a long wait since Disney Plus launched in the US last week with new series like the Mandalorian just out of, well um legal reach. Our epic seven days out in the streaming cold are now at an end with Disney launching their new streaming service Disney Plus today.

So if you’ve been waiting to hand over your hard cash to Disney, or like us you simply can’t wait one moment longer to watch some of the original content then head on over to Disney+ and sign up. For those of you who will sign up a subscription will cost $8.99AUD per month or $89.99AUD per year and they are offering a 7-day free trial.

Regardless of the 10 AM AEDT go live the service is working on PC for us and you can install to an Android device via the web interface but not from the Google Play app yet. We can confirm the both of the episodes of the Mandalorian are present so it looks like while we had to wait a week we at least have content parity with the USA for Disney Plus originals.

For all of the details on the service, how it works and what you can expect check out our “all you need to know post“.

Developer: Disney
Price: Free
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Can anyone find Disney+ on a LG Smart TV


Must be WebOS TV I think.


Account created, android app added and watching content at 630AM that morning.
Chromecast works really well and is better quality than netflix. Watching in 4k was not a problem.

There may be issues yet as it paused 3 times (last night in peak) for a short time during a movie so they may need to look at their data config but otherwise all good.

The Watcher

For anyone with an iPhone, can you please confirm whether you’re able to sign up using iTunes?


Not iPhone but I signed up in the Android app and can subscribe through Google Play. They take the same cut as Apple does so I very much doubt it will be any different for iPhone users.

The Watcher

Thank you