We’ve written about aussie digital bank Up a bit, with good reason – we’re pretty fond of their approach to banking, with fast signup and a lovely, well-designed app that lets you integrate with Google Pay from the beginning.

If you’re not already an Up customer, the company is running a promotion to encourage you to sign up and get going. The first 10,000 signups from November 11 until the end of the year who set up and use Google Pay 5 times within 10 days will receive the $5 bonus.

You can get up and running with Up inside 3 minutes, and get provisioned for Google Pay almost immediately. If you’re eligible for the $5 Google Pay promotion, you’ll see a message about it in the app. Find the details page for the offer on Up’s website here.

If you feel like sharing the love around, you should check out Up’s referral program as well: sign your mates “up” for Up, and you can both get a $5 credit, and they’ll get the Google Pay $5 bonus on top.
Are you an Up user? Just about to sign up? Tell us your thoughts on the service in the comments.

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Been trying to sign up to Up for ages but my identity can’t be verified. I’ve been able to sign up to ING without an issue tho


Five dollars? You’re kidding? That’s the cheapest most unexciting “offer” I’ve ever heard of! By comparison, my electricity provider, Powershop, recently announced their referral offer. Refer a friend to Powershop and get $150 credit for both you and the person you referred. That’s what I call an offer worth writing about. But $5? Come on, that’s the spare change you find on the floor of your car. LOL, banks are so cheap.


The other neobanks operating in Australia are:
And due to open in a few days is Volt.

I like the idea of the neobank. No branches allows them to save costs. I don’t use bank branches, and prefer to use an app instead.


Been using up for over a year! Amazing app and overall experience. Can’t speak more highly of it. If you use the link in my ‘website’ you can get the $5 referral bonus as well as the $5 GPay bonus. https://link.up.com.au/VTBHD