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I switched my banking from ANZ to Up … and it took half an...

Now, I should preface this by saying I've had an Up account for over a year, but that doesn't really matter much - signing up for an Up bank account takes minutes, and your...

Travelling overseas? Don’t pay bank fees, try a fee-free option

Ever year, Australians are slugged hundreds of millions of dollars in fees for using their banking products overseas. While your daily banking services will work overseas, there's a good chance you're not getting a...

Digital bank Up is offering a bonus $5 for new signups that register for...

We've written about aussie digital bank Up a bit, with good reason - we're pretty fond of their approach to banking, with fast signup and a lovely, well-designed app that lets you integrate with...

Digital bank Up integrates with TransferWise for transparent, best way to move money overseas

The disruption of banking and financial services continues. Not only are digital banks popping up in Australia now (and providing the kinds of digital services the Big 4 can only dream about), but they're...

Digital bank Up launches with Google Pay, fee-free banking and Android app

Up has launched as Australia's first fully cloud-hosted bank, with a nifty Android app, Google Pay Support and fee-free banking part of the launch offering. The new digital bank was launched a couple of weeks...

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