With a little over two weeks until Samsung unpacked where we’re expecting to slap our eyes on the $2000 Galaxy S20 line up today we are getting leaks of the accompanying refresh to Samsung’s fully wireless Galaxy Buds. As you’d expect, they look a lot like last years version.

There’s not a lot of surprises with the Galaxy Buds Plus — we’re seeing a familiar overall shape and design and the addition of a new Colour. Internationally the Buds Plus will come in Black, White and Light Blue but we’re obviously unclear what colour Australia will get at this stage.

If you look closely however there is a slight difference to the 2019 version — there is an L and R button in the storage case. What’s that for? May be pairing but that seems very unlikely as you would the need to have the case in the range at all times.

One theory is that it is a locating button. One feature desperately missing from wireless earbuds is location tracking. I have had several sets of wireless earbuds lifted (and I may have lost a set or two as well). The ability to track both the case but also the individual buds would be a huge improvement for the category.

If these buttons are to locate missing buds then that’s a great first step along that path. What ever those buttons do we will find out early next month, and we will have a team live on the ground at MWC this year to bring you hands-on impressions.

Source: mysmartprice.