Google has been looking at various ways to help you curb your phone usage and they are continuing this trend of digital health by launching three new apps which are determined to guilt you into curbing your phone usage.

The three new apps, called Envelope, Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch, are all different types of apps designed to help you reduce your phone time.


Envelope is an app that, at the moment, only works on the Pixel 3a devices and by far the weirdest out of the bunch. Envelope has a number of processes to set it up including printing a paper envelope that you seal your phone inside of turning your phone into a feature call-only device until temptation leads you to tear the seal and use your device as usual prior to using the app.

Price: Free

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles is more of an app that can be installed on any device that creates a bubble on your home screen/wallpaper every time you unlock your device. The bubble gets bigger the longer you use your device after being unlocked. Locking the phone stops the bubble from growing and the process starts all over again. The end result is a wallpaper with random sized bubbles on it which indicate your daily usage.

Screen Stopwatch

The final app of the bunch, Screen Stopwatch, has a stopwatch counter that is a live wallpaper ticks over ever second you use the device. Locking the device obviously stops the stopwatch. Every time the phone is unlocked you’ll receive a constant ticking to remind you the screen is on.

All three apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and again Envelope can only be downloaded and used on the Pixel 3a devices. There is no ETA on when or if this will become available for other devices at this stage, but it shows Google commitment to trying to help you curb your phone usage.

Source: Android Police.
Via: Engadget.
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Having really bad Pixel battery life will help with this as well…