Earlier this month we saw OPPO’s off-shoot, realme, introduce their new user interface — realme UI. Supposedly a fresh breath on the UI than what OPPO’s ColorOS is it is meant to be lighter in feel and closer to a stock Android.

Even though ColorOs has improved out of sight it still has a ways to go before it can match the UI of it’s sister company OnePlus. Realme are looking to take a leaf out of OnePlus’ books and introduce a more fluid, Android-y interface to their smartphones.

Beginning just a couple of weeks ago realme have begun moving their most recent devices from ColorOS over to their new and apparently improved realme UI. Of course often Australia misses out on updates for a long time due to our small market but realme are NOT neglecting Australia and have given us some firm dates for their devices to receive the new UI (and Android 10).

Beginning this quarter the realme XT and the realme 5 Pro will receive the new update followed by the realme 5 and the realme C2:

  • realme XT: Q1 2020
  • realme 5 Pro: Q1 2020
  • realme 5: Q2 2020
  • realme C2: Q3 or Q4 2020

Realme have told Ausdroid that the rollout will be a staged roll out and it may take “a few months for all the devices to get the updates”. The update is pushed from batch to batch according to the device’s IMEI.

All new releases going forwards we expect to be released with realme UI, including something big they are rumoured to be releasing at MWC in just a few weeks time. We have a realme XT on our review bench at the moment and are hoping to receive the update before the phone needs to go back so we can let you all know our thoughts on it.

With realme having some decent hardware onboard would you consider it for your next device should their UI improve?

Source: realme.