TikTok is an extension of Musicly from several years ago but its re-emergence as a new brand name with new feature set has proven to be a smart move by its developers. Combine that with the fact that many of us are shut up in our homes most of the time and there are a lot of bored people around — and many are seemingly turning to TikTok for their entertainment.

TikTok is a collection of short videos made by users or original content — and some are extremely creative, many cringe-worthy but it can be quite entertaining and easy to fall into a TikTok rabbit hole. It seems that many are having this issue also with the app recently passing the one billion installs on Google Play.

At the end of March it was the second most downloaded free app on the Play Store — behind Zoom — and it would not surprise us if it moved that step higher in the next couple of months. The TikTok freight train is not showing any sign of slowing down with many celebrities now jumping onboard. Sure there are a lot of people copying certain dance moves or lip syncing to various comedians (which in itself can be quite funny) but there are also a lot of great original content.

Although I don’t have a TikTok account my favourite on my wife’s account is an Aussie farmer called Peter (@malleeboy3490) and his run ins with his llama called Patrick (after my kids of course — photobombing Ausdroid-style). If you are looking for an endless source of free entertainment you may as well check out TikTok — it is not compulsory to actually make your own but be warned watching can be addictive.

TikTok is one app that has dropped their bandwidth usage in Europe during these trying times but they are yet to do so in Australia but if these numbers of installs continue to grow worldwide you can bet they will be asked to somewhere along the line.

Do you have TikTok? Who is your favourite creator?

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I have installed it. It’s true it’s easily to be addictive.