Google have introduced various AR and 3D options and features in previous years — some fun and some actually useful in everyday life. Last year at Google I/O Google introduced AR (and Lens) into some Search results. Now they are introducing some new AR features and content into Google Search.

Now to help people learn, and let’s face it many of us have plenty of time, especially on weekends, and explore important things such as anatomy, physiology and biology. Much in the same way some apps have done in the past Google are introducing the human body in AR. The content includes everything you could want to learn about the human body — and I have actually used similar content for teaching students.

The AR content includes “full annotations and detailed views” and a “carousel” view to “swipe between featured content as well as the ability to record and share videos of AR content in your space”. These items come up as search results with the search terms muscular system, circulatory system, animal cell, plant cell, skeletal system, and mitochondria among those that bring up the new AR content.

You can take a trip throughout the human body examining the skeleton, the muscular system and the circulatory system to discover just how it works. You can tap on items within each to see structures up close — eg. a 3D view of the heart.

You can also check out various cells (no, only bacteria, I don’t think the SARS-CoV-2 virus is included), art and culture such as Neil Armstrong’s space suit and some Chauvet Cave paintings.

These features will be available to all devices that currently support AR with it rolling out to all such devices in the next few hours. To access it:

  • Type the human system, microscopic structure, or animal into Google Search and then scroll to the knowledge panel
  • Tap the “View in 3D” button and you’ll get a 3D animation of the system, structure, or animal in your space
  • You can walk around your space and look at the 3D object from 360 degrees
  • Turn up the volume on your phone to hear the noises of some of the animals

We all like to learn stuff and if there is anything you ever wanted to learn about any of these things what better way to do it than with some AR technology. Keep an eye out for it arriving on your device soon and when you share it on social tag #Google3D and let the Google team know how you are using AR to learn and explore new things at home!