Unlike a real world bin we’re all used to our digital bins allowing us to change our minds hours, days even weeks later and undelete something. Google Photos is no exception. Here’s the rub though, when does something go from sort of deleted in the Bin to completely gone and unrecoverable?

For Google photo’s it’s 60 days, but how do you know when that 60 days is up? Thanks to a minor update to Google phones you will now see how long each deleted photo in your Bin has until is passes into digital heaven. To see the new UI open Google Photos, jump into the Bin (via the hamburger menu) and click on a deleted image.

Down the bottom you’ll now see how long until the image is removed, alongside the ability to delete immediately and restore it. This isn’t the biggest update but it’s a thoughtful addition and hopefully proof the Google is still working on the back-end of Photos to make it even better.

We have the new feature on our devices, so if you’re not seeing it hang tight, it should be rolling out now. We’re unsure if this is a service side change or an app update.