We’ve been hearing about the new power shortcut menu that is coming in Android 11 for a while now. The basic concept is to add a few more features into the standard power menu beyond the standard power / restart options.

The new power menu images have surfaced from XDA Developers along with the documentation. As you can see the new UI above still includes the standard power options, and underneath are new UIs for Google Pay with a quick UI to change cards and the new Home Automation cards.

The screenshot shows two columns of controls labelled Resting and Engaged and a list of controls. Each row has the same device for control, you can see if it is toggled onto it’s resting or engaged, On/Off state.

It’s unclear how you will be able to customise these options regarding what is displayed and the order: it would be nice if you could customise the UI. The images above depict controls for locks, cameras, lights, blinds and thermostats.

With the Assistant Home Control’s being a little fragmented between voice control, smart display control and control via the Home app, it’s unclear exactly what can be controlled via the new shortcut menu.

With the launch of Android 11 Beta being delayed again due to 2020 just outright sucking, it’s unclear if the new power menu will be available across the platform or if it will be a Pixel exclusive.

Overall this appears to be a very meaningful addition and addresses a real hole in the Google Home Automation ecosystem. We look forward to experimenting with the controls if and when they launch.