Back view of playful children running in autumn day outdoors.

TCL is offering parents a chance to get a kid-friendly bundle of a tablet and a smart 4G-connected watch with a low introductory price of $229 at Big W.

The bundle contains Alcatel’s TKEE Mini Tablet, a 7-inch Android device with parental controls for apps and screen time, with site filtering for kids’ safety on the Internet and access to the Kidomi kids app subscription platform offering games, books and videos. TKEE is built to withstand whatever your kids can throw at it (within reason) with a silicone outer bumper case with soft rounded corners. Unsurprisingly, that combination has allowed it to withstand drops from up to 1 metre.

The tablet is powered by a 2,850mAh battery and there’s a stand built into the case to help ensure kids can position it at the right viewing angle. It’ll also warn your kids if they’re too close to the screen (within about 25cm).

The other part of the bundle is TCL’s MoveTime 40 Family Watch, a 4G-connected watch with a 1.3-inch colour screen, IP65 water resistance, a replaceable band and customisable watch face. MT40 offers location tracking and 2-way video calling so parents and guardians can check in on their kids. Kids can send pictures, voice messages, videos and emojis in one-on-one group chats with a restricted contact list.

On the safety front, the watch also has geofencing features so you can get notified if kids leave designated safe zones, and a built-in pedometer tracks basic fitness activities like steps taken or distance walked so parents can see just how active their little ones have been over the course of the day.

The tablet+watch bundle is available now at Big W in pink or blue — that’s the colour of the watch though, the tablet is always yellow with the orange stand. The bundles will cost you $229 until July 30, and $279 thereafter.