As first leaked and then confirmed: Google Play Points are now officially in Australia, coinciding with the retail availability of the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5.

Google Play Points is a loyalty point system where you collect a small number of points for each dollar spent, and the points can then be traded in for rewards.

Users can sign up for the points and start collecting when you make a purchase. Rewards can be redeemed for in-game currency, money for the play store or for gifts to charities. The more points you collect the higher tier you will achieve, allowing you access to more benefits as you progress from Bronze through to platinum.

We’d never encourage people to spend more on the play store to accumulate these points, however, if you are spending your hard earnt dollars, why not collect a reward or two? Oh, and if you pick up a new Pixel, you can look forward to 150 bonus points!

The ability to sign up and view Play Points started to show up on some of our devices today and not others. Like many Google rollouts, this feels like a server-side switch that needs to be flipped device-by-device.

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No love for the YouTube Premium or Google One subscribers?


I have had to show the Google One subscription on the “Earn 3x points” when it lists your apps.