We’ve been looking at Nanoleaf’s smart lighting systems for a while now, and come away impressed by the company’s products and the bright and playful lighting options that they encourage. Today, the company has announced two new additions to its Shapes range – Triangles and Mini Triangles.

Be warned, there’s a lot of very pretty photos in this article that might cause you to reach for your wallet.

Nanoleaf’s Shapes range debuted with their hexagon panels earlier this year, just in time for everyone to want to spruce up their work-from-home space.

Shapes panels allow you to connect different-shaped products together, although until now its been limited to just hexagons. Here’s the new Triangles and Mini Triangles:

These panels are a throwback to Nanoleaf’s heritage, bringing back its original triangular shape but in a new design with interconnection options with Hexagons.

Triangles and Mini Triangles align perfectly with Hexagons, and each other, to unlock a lot of new potential designs for your walls and some nice, cohesive outer shape designs like big diamonds, depending you align your panels.

Nanoleaf’s got a number of options for controlling their lights as well – of course, you can use their app or connect them up with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and even IFTTT.

The Nanoleaf app is also getting a bit of an overhaul with a focus on user interface enhancements and getting users to explore the possibilities of their lights deeper.

Like other Nanoleaf products before them, Triangles and Mini Triangles will be available in Starter Pack and Expansion Pack options. For Triangles, your Starter Pack will contain seven panels, a Controller, power supply and everything you need to mount them on your walls, while the Expansion Pack will get you three additional panels. For Mini Triangles, you’ll get five panels in the Starter Pack and a whopping big 10 panels in the Expansion Pack.

If you’ve already got a Shapes Starter Pack, you shouldn’t need to connect another power supply to the same set of lights, so if you’re already rocking the Hexagon Shapes and want to add to it, the Expansion Packs will be your goto.

We know Triangles and Mini Triangles will be coming to Australia in the coming months, but we don’t quite have a release date or price just yet. We’ll let you know when we get that info.

Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Lights

Nanoleaf also announced a couple of new products in their portfolio with a new “Nanoleaf Essentials” range. There’s two products in that range right now, an “A19” smart bulb (which is a term that I’ve discovered while writing this post describes the shape of the bulb rather than its connector type), and an 80-inch (2-metre) light strip product.

Like the new Shapes panels, local pricing and availability for these new products is still TBD.

It’s neat to see Nanoleaf growing their new Shapes panels into a big ecosystem with some new shapes and options. We’re interested to see where they go next.

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