Samsung has laid down the gauntlet to Google, OPPO and other major Android device manufacturers, promising that it’s flagship phones, watches and tablets for 2021 and 2022 will get even more years of Android OS and Samsung One UI upgrades.

Samsung will now provide up to five years of security updates to help protect select Galaxy devices. Galaxy devices with four generations of One UI and five years of security updates include:

  • Galaxy S Series: Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra as well as Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, S21 FE and upcoming S series devices
  • Galaxy Z Series: Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3 and upcoming Z series devices
  • Galaxy A Series: upcoming select A series devices
  • Galaxy Tablets: Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, S8 Ultra and upcoming Tab S series devices.

Eligible Galaxy devices with up to four years of One UI Watch and Wear OS Powered by Samsung include Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic and upcoming Galaxy Watch series.

TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business at Samsung said when making this announcement:

“We work hard to bring our Galaxy users innovative mobile experiences that are built to last. And many of our customers are choosing to keep their devices for longer, whether they love their specific smartphone model or want to help contribute to a more sustainable world”

“Today we are taking our commitment to innovation one step further with up to four generations of One UI upgrades to ensure our users enjoy the best possible mobile experience for longer.”

Recently sold Samsung Galaxy devices which are not eligible to receive four generations of One UI upgrades will still be supported with up to three generations of One UI and Android OS upgrades.

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It should be Google bringing down the hammer on manufacturers over their lousy long term support and updates for devices, rather than Samsung saying they’ll offer proper support only for some of their devices. Samsung offering real support for the flogships and the high end of mid tier is all well and good. That real support has been utterly absent from the lower end of mid tier and lower, and STILL IS, even from Samsung. Nokia does some support in that area of the marketspace, but replace a device every 2 years, due to lack of support, gets a bit… Read more »


Impressive – as someone who owns the Watch4 on Wear OS 3. Hopefully when the Pixel Watch comes out it’ll match this too but we’ll see. Sad that Google can’t support the Pixel 6 for as long as Samsung with their flagships.


i checked the specs sheet on vodafone website

s22 ultra 5G will not support 5G mmwave which is  N257, N258, N260, N261

but google pixel 6 pro remains the only phone in australia to support mmwave 5G which is  N257, N258, N260, N261


hey Neerav , is the wifi 6e disabled for now inside the samsung s22 ? Samsung confirms that the phone got wifi 6e chip even the one sold in australia but they say on the website : * Wi-Fi 6E network availability may vary by market, network provider and user environment. Requires optimal connection. so in Australia it will only do the wifi 6 till the ACMA approve wifi 6e nearly two phones now with wifi 6e the s22 ultra and google 6 pro and both chips are disabled because bloody ACMA cant put their act together and approve the… Read more »


I get that but when you buy a device you look to the next 5 years

you will not buy a telephone each year !

so it would be good if ACMA support it later then samsung push a software update to enable the wifi 6e inside the phone in next year or 2