Qualcomm has today announced that it has launched its newest product offering with the Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series in what the company claims is the world most scalable commercial Wi-Fi 7 platform and will be made available to Qualcomm Networking Pro Series Gen 3 family of platforms and will initiate a new era of 10 Gbps Wi-Fi for enterprise access points, Wi-Fi mesh, gateways, and premium home routers.

The Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) Solution, has been built to deliver enhanced 6 GHz operation in a turnkey, cost-effective, and scalable implementation with access point (AP) agent and cloud systems that come with end-to-end validation and certification.

The Qualcomm AFC solution has been built to enable interoperability across all network deployments leveraging 6 GHz operation, including Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7, and beyond.

Speaking at the launch of Qualcomm AFCNick Kucharewski, senior vice president and general manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc, has stated that:

“Qualcomm Technologies stands ready to deploy scalable, turnkey cloud-to-silicon services to boost 6 GHz performance,” and that “Once the FCC approves this solution, customers will be able to experience the benefits of longer range and higher performance whole-home mesh connectivity, plus higher speed and lower latency for 6 GHz-capable devices.”

The new AFC Solution offers location-based power optimisations for 6 GHz transmissions by providing higher Wi-Fi power levels to be enabled and used in access points along with clients’ devices which will provide high performance and range whilst ensuring protecting existing incumbent users of the band.

It is believed that this new solution will in short drive significant performance enhancements indoors, where an increase in peak transmit power of 63 times can be realised alongside potential outdoor operational deployment also on the cards.

The company has stated the new AFC solution is available for deployment via its Qualcomm Networking Pro Series and Qualcomm Immersive Home Platforms.

Whilst any improvement to Wi-Fi speeds is welcomed, the ability to have this provisioned into future modems and access points for Wi-Fi 7 if and when it becomes available here, but given Wi-Fi 6E only just got approved for usage in Australia, it could be a little while before Wi-Fi 7 products will become available here.