Talk about a level up, Razer has delivered a new gaming laptop with a 240Hz screen. Other than the obvious, a mind-blowing screen, you’ll get the latest in mobile gaming capabilities.

Further details on the screen include a 1ms response rate and 400 nits of brightness, plenty for a variety of lighting environments. The specs are headlined by a 12th gen Intel Core i9-12900H processor and NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti laptop graphics card. To aid in high level performance, you’ve got a 1TB SSD with an extra M.2 slot and 32GB of DDR 5.

This isn’t a machine for general web surfing, emails and productivity. This is a performance machine for those that need the grunt; gamers and content creators. This is clear with the range of connectivity provided such as the Thunderbolt 4 ports, multiple USB type A and C ports, the SD Card reader and HDMI connectivity for external screens.

With that big performance though, comes a big cost: US$3,499.00 although with Australian imports it’s quite likely we’ll see a cost exceeding AU$5,000.00 to consumers once available in the next few months. As already stated though, this isn’t for everyone but if you need the power, what a beast.

For more information on the upcoming OLED model of the Blade 15, you can visit the Razer website