Anker Innovations’ premium audio sub-brand, Soundcore, has announced the launch of two new audio products with the new space A40 Wireless Earbuds and the Q45 over-ear headphones, both of which the company are stating comes with new and upgraded noise cancelling system alongside additional features which include longer lasting battery power plus more.

Speaking at the launch of the new Space A40 wireless earbuds and the Q45 over-ear headphones, Gaspar Xie, Head of Sales Operations at Anker ANZ, has stated:

For the new Space A40 wireless earbuds:

“Two of the most requested features by consumers are better battery life and stronger noise cancelling performance,” and that “When designing the A40, our engineers wanted to offer consumers a no-compromise listening experience, not only with remarkable Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) performance, and industry-leading battery life but improved sound reproduction that is perfect for travelling or everyday use.”

Space Q45 over-ear headphones:

“The Space Q45 headphones deliver on noise cancellation and sound quality,” and that “With long-lasting battery and functionality to optimise the user’s listening experience based on outside noise, the Q45 headphones are ideal for hours of uninterrupted listening during the daily commute, while exercising or for removing all distractions for mindfulness.”

So what do both new audio products offer?

Space A40 wireless earbuds

The new Space A40 wireless earbuds have been designed with an upgraded noise cancelling system, which the company states can reduce up to 98% of external noise while using the earbuds, thanks to the integrated noise-sensing microphones and passively blocking external sounds.

Furthermore, the Space A40 wireless earbuds can provide powerful sound clarity thanks to the innovative 10mm Double-Layer-Diaphragm Drivers with metal-ceramic material that soundcore states users will be able to get powerful bass and crisp treble but well-balanced audio of all frequencies.

The Space A40 wireless earbuds can also be paired to your device thanks to the soundcore mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store for iOS devices.

The app comes with a new feature called HearID, which enables users to easily tailor their listening experience, which will automatically tune the audio frequencies to their personal hearing alongside offering additional and several preset sound profiles or an 8-band custom EQ for the ultimate in customisation.

In terms of battery life, the new Space A40 wireless earbuds can offer up to ten hours of battery life from a single charge and 50 hours total listening time with the pocket-sized charging case, (equating to an additional 4 charges). Additionally, the fast-charging technology in the A40 wireless earbuds can offers up to 4 hours of playtime from just 10-minutes of charging time.

The case itself can also be wirelessly charged alongside being charged via the included USB-C port and cord.

The Space A40 wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth version 5.2, which can utilise multi-point connectivity for effortless multiple device pairing. Users can connect to two devices simultaneously and smoothly switch between them.

The Space A40 wireless earbuds can be purchased from the Amazon Australian store and through Soundcore Australian website for $129.99, in both Black and White colours.

Space Q45 over-ear headphones

The Space Q45 over-ear headphones leverage a newly designed 3-stage noise cancelling system that Soundcore states can capture and block up to 98% of unwanted noise, whilst the adaptive noise cancelling automatically optimises Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) performance based on the outside environment.

Furthermore, the Space Q45 over-ear headphones utilises an updated ear cup design with comfortable memory foam earpads to create an enhanced seal ensuring the ANC features can work at optimum performance whilst allowing users to focus on their favourite music without being distracted by the chaos of the outside world.

However, the Space Q45 over-ear headphones also comes with the ability for users to customise the transparency mode and strength of it through the soundcore app which is free to download from the Google Play and App store for iOS devices as well.

The Space Q45 over-ear headphones are driven by a 40mm double-layer diaphragm driver with silk and metal-ceramic material, which the company states, elevates the audio performance over all frequencies for a balanced sound profile while producing an immersive sound stage and improved sound clarity. Furthermore, Soundcore has stated the Space Q45 over-ear headphones LDAC and Hi-Res Wired and Wireless certification provide a rich and detailed audio experience for listeners.

In terms of battery life, the Space Q45 over-ear headphones can offer users ultra-long playtime with 50 hours of battery life with ANC turned on and 65 hours of playtime with ANC turned off, delivering potentially up to a week or so listening on the go or while travelling between charges. If the Space Q45 over-ear headphones do become low on battery juice, then the headphones can be charged for 5-minutes and can provide up to 4 hours of playtime.

The Space Q45 over-ear headphones come with a USB-C port, an AUX port, Bluetooth version 5.3 alongside the ability to utilises dual microphones with an enhanced A.I. algorithm to ensure clear calls, customisation using the sound core app, along with a mode to limit maximum volume to protect hearing – especially for kids and teenager users. The Space Q45s also offer multi-point connectivity allowing them to be used with a laptop and phone simultaneously.

The Space Q45 over-ear headphones can be purchased online through Amazon Australian, Kogan and directly through the Soundcore websites for $219.99.

We are also going to be reviewing both the Space A40 wireless earbuds and the Space Q45 over-ear headphones so keep an eye out on the website for those reviews.