If you’ve been looking for one of the best PC VR headsets recently, you might not want to pass this one up. 

HTC VIVE is offering a bunch of great deals on 15 November 2022, with discounts of up to $500 off some of their best-sellers. 

VIVE Cosmos Elite 

$1,699 → $1,199 (SAVE $500)

VIVE Cosmos Elite is equipped with a system that was created to provide Elite players with unsurpassed accuracy tracking, unleashing the best of PC VR gaming. Cosmos Elite delivers all the same sophisticated capabilities as the original Cosmos by combining high-definition graphics, ergonomic engineering, and modular features. The cutting-edge controllers and external SteamVR tracking make it possible for precise and flexible movement. Furthermore, moves at all angles are faster and more fluid, whether you cross your swords or swing a racket behind your head. Find more about the first modular VR system in the world. Don’t stop at what you believed was feasible. Only the beginning lies ahead.


VIVE Cosmos

$1,299 → $849 (SAVE $450)

Entering the next phase of virtual reality, VIVE Cosmos is designed to optimize ease of use, experience, and opportunity. Enjoy precise tracking without the need for base stations. With VIVE Cosmos, you can play anywhere you want, whenever you want. This headgear utilizes monitors with a combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 and a smooth refresh rate of 90 Hz to fully immerse yourself in VR experiences.


VIVE Pro 2 (Full Kit)

$2,299 → $2,099 (SAVE $200)

VIVE Pro 2 is by far the most feature-rich VR system. It is scalable for your business and developed to satisfy the demands of today’s most demanding VR users. VIVE Pro 2 has the capability to deliver the most immersive VR experience, with the best audio quality and clarity.



$849 with FREE power bank + FREE controller

The VIVE Flow is portable and lightweight, and it travels with you. This gear is simple to put on and remove. VIVE Flow offers a flexible field of view of up to 100 degrees, crisp 3.2K resolution, and a smooth 75Hz refresh rate display. It has built-in speakers that deliver clear, lifelike spatial audio.  The innovative noise- and echo-cancelling microphones secure clear and uninterrupted communication for users. VIVE Flow is as simple to wear as a well-made eyepiece. VIVE Flow is equipped with an active cooling mechanism to ensure best-in-class comfort during use.