Talkband B2 - Composite 1
This afternoon, Huawei Australia launched their hybrid consumer fitness band wearable, the Talkband B2.

The Talkband B2 comes with a Bluetooth Headset which clips into either a rubber or leather band. The Headset acts as the main sensor for the Talkband as well as the central point for displaying your stats. The band was announced in March at Mobile World Congress and is a replacement for the Talkband B1 from last year.

At their launch event, Huawei wanted to show off the fitness aspect of the band, leveraging their partnership with the Canberra Raiders to have Sam Williams and Shaun Fensom, run journos from the Australian tech scene a little ragged.


As we all found out during the workout, the Fitness tracker tracks steps and activities with a 6-axis sensor that is surprisingly accurate. The Talkband B2 will also track your Sleeping patterns, enabled by a battery which last up to 6-days, though it charges in just 90 minutes. With the fitness component you can also track your calories burned during a workout, sending it through to the Huawei Wear Android or iOS app.

The band includes a Bluetooth headset and a dual-microphone setup that allows you to take calls even in the noisiest of areas with excellent clarity. The headset can also be docked back into the wristband mid-call and you can then continue the call on the phone. .

The Huawei Talkband B2 has remote app features such as remote camera control and remote pager – which allows you to activate your phone when you’ve mislaid it around the house.

The Talkband B2 will be available in a Black and White classed as a ‘sports’ version for $229, while a more classy gold-tone version with a brown leather band is available for those wanting something a little more formal for a slightly higher $249. The Talkband B2 will be arriving in-stores from the 1st of July starting at Officeworks, and then at JB Hifi from July 9. Telstra will be stocking the Talband B2 from the 5th of August.

I’ve been using the Talkband B2 since the launch of the P8 in London and the band is surprisingly accurate and works really well

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Are the wriststraps interchangable?
I’d have loved to see a gold with white band.

Daniel Tyson

You can change band, but you buy the package as a whole, not sure if you can buy spare straps but let me tell you, the Gold with Leather band is stunningly good.


The gold, with chunky thick stitched dark brown leather might look good as a men’s combo, Dan.

I’m wishing that they had done a white with gold, for women to buy.

Daniel Tyson

Jeni, go and look at it before you call it chunky. It’s quite a thin band.