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Finding a great new product via a crowdfunding site can be fun and exciting and perhaps a little uncommon. The promise of a new twist on an old technology or an entirely new concept that has never existed before.

Unfortunately, handing over your hard earned dollars can lead to disappointment. Crowdfunding is marred by delays, backers receiving something far from what was promised or even receiving nothing at all.

However, that’s not always the case. Enter Zus Kevlar Charging Cable by Nonda. Zus is another USB cable yes, however, from what we’ve seen of it on IndieGoGo it does look to be a cut above of the pack.

We’ll let Nonda tell you the majority of their pitch, however, several things have stood out to us:

  • The Zus comes in Micro USB as well as USB Type C (and Lightning)
  • The USB C cable meets the spec including 56K Ohm resistor
  • The cable has good shielding
  • It’s got a Non-tangle nylon finish
  • Comes with a Lifetime guarantee
  • Convienient 1.2M length (a Goldilocks cable – not to short not to long?)

ZUS 06

We’ve been in contact with Nonda and have a real life product sample heading our way to review, so we will be able to test all these things and more once we get our hands on it.

ZUS 04

The funding campaign, which seems to be more of a preorder system for Nonda, finishes in a month with the typical funding options starting at $15USD for one cable and growing from there in price and cost effectiveness, plus $15 flat rate postage regardless of how many your order (it seems). At about $20 AUD per cable that’s not a bad price if the ZUS achieves all its claims, however, with another $20 AUD for posting you may be better off if you wanted more than 1 cable or went in with a group.

How is the Zus cable stacking up for you? Let us know below.

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Daniel Higgins

I queried them, asking if it was Bensen Leung approved/certified – they replied with a screenshot of their communication with Benson. He agreed it was ac satisfactory cable that was spec compliant.


Good to know, with their stated specs that’s not surprising. Cleaver PR on their part