Beoplay H5
Bang & Olufsen have today announced their first wireless earphones with the Beoplay H5, a pair of earphones designed for active people who enjoy great quality sound.

The Beoplay H5 are designed by Scandinavian designer Jakob Wagner and contain all the Bang & Olufsen goodness including their Signature Sound and integration with the Beoplay App which gives access to multiple preset sound profiles.

The earphones come with a braided textile cable connecting the earpieces which are made out of textured rubber and polymer to resist sweat and moisture. The earpieces can fit snugly in your ear canals with a choice of up to 7 ear tips that you can change to find the perfect fit. The 7 tips include large, medium and small sized rugged, heat sensitive and breathable Comply Sport foam tips which have a SweatGuard membrane to prevent sweat from entering the sound port, or four sizes of regular silicone tips.

The Beoplay H5 earpieces have a diamond cut and radially polished aluminium plate on each earpiece and a magnet you can use to lock them around your neck when not in use.

The sound quality on the Beoplay H5 are driven by the 6.4mm dynamic speaker in each earpiece, as well as a small electromagnetic transducer. The Beoplay H5 also has a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with Digital Sound Processing.

Senior Vice President of B&O PLAY Henrik Taudorf Lorensen said of the BeoPlay H5

Beoplay H5 is the most versatile product we have ever made. It is designed to be worn and used effortlessly, and with the integrated app to change the tonality to what you are doing, it will be a device that enriches the everyday lives of people worldwide. Combined with an active, fashionable and dynamic design that complements your active wear as well as your best outfit, we are very proud to broaden our range of wireless headphones with Beoplay H5.

In terms of battery, the Beoplay H5 has a 100mAh battery which will give up users up to 5 hours of quality music or audio listening. The Beoplay uses a ‘cubic charger’ that hold the earphones in place using magnets, while charging them.
B&O_H5_Charger-With Black h5

The Beoplay H5 are on-sale today from Bang & Olufsen stores nationally for $389$379.

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Do the controls work for android at least?

I need some new workout headphones but they are difficult to try on. Apple store is the only place that has returns on this stuff as far as im aware.