Sphero BB8 and ForceBand wristband IFA 2016
IFA has been a big show so far with launches from major manufacturer, but it’s not over and there’s more popping up, this time with Sphero announcing a new edition of their BB-8 Star Wars replica droid and a Force Band that lets you control the droid, or train like a Jedi with a wrist mounted controller.

The Force Band is straps to your wrist and lets you access your ‘Force Powers’. These powers include the ability to control BB-8 with a wave of your hand, as well as complete your combat training using blasters or lightsabres and even search out holocrons (basically collector cards of Star Wars characters). Check out the video:

For Sphero customers with other Sphero robots powered by Bluetooth SMART, the Force Band will also control these bots as well.

Sphero is also taking the opportunity to re-release the Sphero BB-8 with a special edition battle damaged version of the droid.

The Force Band and the new battle worn version of the Sphero BB-8 droid are coming to Australia on September 30th. The Force Band will be available on its own for $139.95 or you can buy it in a pack with the battle damaged BB-8 for $349.95 from retailers JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Myer.