Getting a new phone is exciting, but then comes the sometimes-daunting task of protecting it. With customers picking up Google’s new Pixel phones today, it’s good to hear about case options becoming available to give everyone some choice on day one.

For a while, it took time for suitable cases to appear for Nexus phones. Google got ahead of this over time by offering cases from their store, but coordinating the release and availability of such accessories with the release of the phone is actually kind of hard – Google’s own silicone Pixel Case and Pixel XL Case are still listed as “Coming Soon”, although Google’s thin clear cases are available online and at retail.

If you don’t want to walk out of the store with a clear case and you don’t want your Pixel phone to be naked, it’s timely to hear from Incipio, whose DualPro cases are available now at JB Hifi.

Incipio’s cases are made of two parts – an inner silicone case that’s there to absorb shocks (when – not if – you drop the phone), and a slim scratch-resistant outer shell made of a polycarbonate that Incipio calls Plextonium.

The cases come in three inner/outer colour variations: red/black, grey/champagne and classic black/black. They’ll run you $39.95 of your hard-earned cash, a good $10 lower than the cheapest option on Google’s store.

You’ll find both cases listed on JB Hifi’s website now, although only in black so far: Pixel (black), Pixel XL (black).

Sound off! What cases are you using to protect your shiny new Pixel phones? Tell us in the comments.

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Yianni soc

Flexi Gel from the Ausdroid shop! Looks schmick with the black pixel.


I got the Spigen Rugged Armour for my Pixel. Bought it from Pro Gadgets and arrived on Monday. Have got a few things off them over the years. Had the Spigen on my 6P and was pretty happy with it. (don’t mind the dirtiness of my brand new phone :P)
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Jamie S

Great looking cases. It’s a pity the JB store I went to didn’t even have their display stock out for people to play with as they said they were waiting for the Google rep to arrive with the demos. They wouldn’t open one up to show me either. Luckily, I checked them out at Telstra who unfortunately wouldn’t sell me one outright, so I guess as an old Ausdroider reader used to say ” No sale” at no fault of my own.

Max Luong

Telstra would sell me one, but only the 32GB version.

Jamie S

So did you buy it?

Max Luong

I went to JB and bought a black 128GB. ?

Jamie S

I just went to Telstra store at Toombul shopping centre and they were willing to sell all variants to me

Max Luong

So did you buy it? ?

Jamie S

No, not yet. I’m on holidays in QLD atm so I’ll wait until I get home. I also want to Compare it to the Moto Z Play before I make my final decision.