This is out of control!

With the continued and growing hostilities between Apple and Samsung, there’s a new injunction in place blocking Galaxy Tab sales in Germany which forced Samsung to remove it’s new Galaxy Tab 7.7 from their display stand at IFA.

The complaint by Apple prevented Sales or Marketing of the product similar to the August injunction filed by Apple preventing the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 throughout Europe and the woes of the 10.1 in Australia (release delayed until the end of September).

Samsung released a statement saying that “Samsung respects the court’s decision” and “will pursue all available options, including legal action, to defend its intellectual property rights”. As a consumer who is quite excited about the future of Android tablets, I’m hopeful that the hostilities are resolved in court once and for all soon.

As Buzz mentioned in a previous post: The real winner out of the Samsung vs. Apple tablet war here in Australia: Motorola and in the short term at least, it looks as though they’re going to keep on winning.

Source: Bloomberg.
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Fuck you apple….. That is all.

Mallardious Monk

Apple’s behaviour is completely rational.  Given the reality of the whole software patent thing — which I agree is largely harmful — this is how the system works.

There’s a very interesting note in a story on GSMArena.  The gist of it is that Apple has pointed out in a suit against HTC that one of the patents they claim Android infringes was from work done at Apple while Rubin worked there for the people who filed the patent.

If this is true, well…  That’s very bloody stupid of him, no?

mohamed adel

 A rangy melody of Apple’s income come from the fanboy opinion. With Jobs destroyed I await them to assistance to much petty lawful state equivalent this

Ian Tester

Dear Vijay and Peter, the word is “loser” – one ‘o’. As in, someone who has *lost*.

But I, of course, agree also. A large part of Apple’s sales come from the fanboy effect. With Jobs gone I expect them to resort to more petty legal action like this.

Mallardious Monk

Seriously guys?  The best argument you can come up with is “oh noes the fanboys!”?

Apple sell a lot of iPads because the alternatives still suck.  Simple as that.  And I say this as someone who uses Android devices.


I agree with u both, but the sad fact is once the next apple version of whatever comes out, they’ll sell it by the truckload. Seems they’re scared of a little competition. Now Jobs has left the company though, we’ll see in future generations of their products if they can keep their formula for success going.

peter baker

I agree with vijay.  motorola may be the winner here, apple is certainly the looser.  its like the company is paddling upstream right now…

vijay alapati

Dear Apple if you think u Won….i’m sorry to say that u r the biggest looser….