Team Touchdroid have now successfully managed to get a HP Touchpad dual booting with Android 2.3.5 and WebOS. This is further progress on the version that Buzz reported on a week ago from the CyanogenMod Team.

I’m not unhappy with WebOS personally, but I like the fact that there’s people out there working to get Android onto the device to give us all more than 6 months worth of use from our purchase.

Source: Team Touchdroid.
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Pretty sure i will be using video, web, photo, etc after 6 months.  The TouchPad wont unexpectedly turn into a pumpkin in 6 months time you know.  Sure more apps would be great but the lack of apps doesn’t render the TouchPad useless.


 can exclusive comic that the unvaried can be achieved for the upcoming Amazon Conflagrate paper.

Mike Smith

I can only hope that the same can be achieved for the upcoming Amazon Kindle tablet.

vijay alapati

Now this is making me more jealous that i missed out the fire sale 🙁