I missed this one in the last couple of days, but looks like the Acer Iconia A501 is receiving Android 4.0.3. We received the tip off from HilaryB on Twitter who advised it has now arrived finally updating the tablet from Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich. If you have not already received the update go to Settings > About Device > Check for updates and see if there is an update waiting for you. If you’re on 3G you may want to wait to hit WiFi before downloading the update to avoid going over your data cap. Telstra’s Tablet software page still lists the latest update for the A501 as Honeycomb 3.2 so we’re not quite sure what is actually happening here, still never hurts to try. But let us know in the comments what you think of the update.

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Will thi erase my data


im still on 3.2 how can i manually upgrade to ics? on my a501

Kenneth Puckett

I am in muscle shoals,Alabama-united states, and I have not received the is 4.0, so does any one know when it will be here for the A501


i got my tab from the service center it came back to me at android ice cream sandwich.


iCS is available. You must register the A501 with Acer site, then a few days later it is push to you device. Suggest to power device off and during this period. Was frustrated that could not get upgrade – found out by accident.
Cheers, ML


Factory setting? There a small hole down there near usb push it with pin and its done. i guess..

annoyed optus customer

optus australia still say 3.2 and also they say we are never getting a update this is crap


nothing ….still on 3.2 version and no update for my A501 iconia? From Ontario, Canada. What happened why does some other get 4.0.3 version and we don’t?

Juho Uski

In Finland we have an issue with Acer501 and the latest update: if you install this update, the mobile phone networks will cease to function. Only available mode afterwards is wifi. Not a good thing. Anyone got this resolved yet?

Ashley Kissick

I have mine through Optus now – works a charm


If In update flash player 11 for Icoinia A 501 version 4.0.3,will it effect my device?


Hi I got my update 4.0.3 week ago,in Namibia for my A501. Now I’m having issues.if Sim inserted wifi dosen’t scan the networks.Have to remove the Sim and perform a factory setting, any one can help to resolve this

Danie Fourie

Hi, just about the same problem I have. Upgraded last night to 4.0.3, and now my wifi does not scan at all, not with sim inserted nor without. How do I resolve this? Albert, you speak about factory setting – how do you do that, as I’ve only got my A501 5 days ago! Will GREATLY appreciate it – by the way, also from Namibia! In Swakop, in fact.
My email addy is [email protected]

Michael Lange

I checked with 3 people at work that own A501’s in South Australia. All have received the updates by today. One person said they got it on Sunday.

Brent Salzmann

Still nothing yet on mine. Non branded too and we still get shafted. Lucky few have it.


Mine just updated 🙂 its quite laggy though


As usual, i’d expect it on unlocked devices first. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1810360

Stan Jez

Just checked. Nothing yet.