We saw the tweet from Asus a few days ago stating that the Jelly Bean update for the Asus Transformer TF300 would be rolling out in the next two weeks, well we’ve just been advised by Angelo that he is starting to receive the update on his tablet right now. He is using an Australian model so if you have a TF300 go to Settings > About > Check for Update and see if you have a Jelly Bean update available to download now. Let us know in the comments, tweet us or email us if you see that Update notification and let us how the new update runs on your tablet.

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I wish I never upgraded to Jelly Bean, now my TF300T constantly freezes up and restarts itself, that and no flash support. So far I cant see any improvement over ICS.


Just rolled back to stock, but not getting the update at the moment. Guess I will wait for morning (rolling back to stock may have been more trouble than it was worth

Petr Starý

There was no update for my Asus TF300 in the morning but now is available and is downloading.

Petr Starý

…few of my screeshots of Jelly Bean 4.1.1 here http://goo.gl/YM8ah

I have wifi version of TF300T.


Nothing for the TF300 3g model yet


It says.. “failed to download file. Please wait for a moment and try again


stupid question – heaps of jelly bean updates coming through, when do i get one for my vodafone galaxy nexus? and wasn’t the point of a nexus to get it first??

Daniel Tyson

Unfortunately according to the Vodafone update website, they are still waiting of submission of the update from Samsung, with a carrier branded Galaxy Nexus you have to wait for Samsung and your carrier to supply the update, if you are looking to go down the flashing road you could install the YAKJU build from the Google Developers page as it is identical hardware to the International Unlocked Galaxy Nexus


Thanks for that Dan. That’s what I had feared. So much for Nexus guaranteeing you the updates first!


Upgrade to 4.1.1 completed on my Asus TF300. So far so good. The “Project Butter” made it a lot smoother. Apps open quicker and in general more responsive. No lag.

Jorge Branco

What’s the web browsing experience like? Chrome and every other browser has always been laggy as hell on my Transformer Prime


Better… but not great. Chrome is still smoother on the new iPad


Don’t worry Sim, it’s not just the Prime that’s getting the shaft.
The TF700 is Asus new flagship tablet model, just released (well after the TF300). Yet even this recently released flagship model is lagging behind the budget-friendly TF300 in updates.

Makes us wonder why we’re humouring Asus by buying their overpriced top-of-the-line tablets when they prioritise it after the budget models. Crazy stuff


They aren’t getting the shaft… they will get an update soon. It could be that there are more TF300 devices in the world than TF201 and TF700 devices… ? Maybe the prioritised based on how many devices are out there for each model.


When will TF201 get it? This is a bit unfair of Asus to give the TF300 preferential treatment when the Prime is a more powerful and expensive tablet. Just because it was released first shouldn’t mean we get updates last.

Daniel Tyson

We’re definitely asking but nothing has been heard as yet, we’ll keep at them


Any news on other ASUS Transformer models?