Asus has been busy over the past couple of weeks, both the TF300 and Transformer Prime(TF201) have been on the receiving end of a Jelly Bean update and now according to Dario one of our readers, the Asus Transformer Infinity(TF700) is now also on the receiving end of a Jelly Bean update which is being pushed out now.

Dario reports that in the update there are a few changes to the Lock Screen and settings menu including the Jelly Bean easter egg you can access by repeatedly tapping the Android Version. The upgrade took around 15-20 mins and Dario seems happy so far with the update. If you see an update to your Android Device let us know by tweeting us or email us.

Thanks: Dario.
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One jellybean 4.1 now downloaded onto my TF700T. Woot Woot !! Thanking you ASUS 🙂
What a difference 4.1 has made to my Infinity.


Sure is

Justin Virly

Is GOOGLE Now and Voice Search included?


I’d say it would be man, why would they exclude it? It’s basically stock android.