Mobile Muster - Hoarders
Mobile phone recycler Mobile Muster has today launched a new campaign to encourage you to divest yourself of those old mobile phones lying around the house, and maybe win a prize at the same time.

In a new report released today, Mobile Muster has found that there are now 25.5 million mobile handsets in Australian homes, of which four million are broken and no longer even working. The aim of Mobile Muster is to avoid this hoarding, at the same time keeping mobile technology – phones, tablets, batteries etc out of landfill.

Since the inception of Mobile Muster in 1998, the group has diverted more than 1,168 tonnes of mobiles and accessories from landfill, including 9.95 million handsets and batteries.

To help encourage Aussies to declutter or divest themselves of these old handsets, they’ve partnered with de-cluttering expert Peter Walsh, who you may know as Oprah Winfrey’s personal declutter expert, or from his many TV appearances on shows such as The Living Room on Channel 10 or TLC’s Clean Sweep. The partnership has also resulted in a competition to win a personal session with Peter at your place to help de-clutter your life.

Spyro Kalos, Recycling Manager at MobileMuster says:

With the number of hoarded mobile phones for the first time ever surpassing the Australian population figure, we want people to start thinking about the environmental benefits of recycling their old mobiles. Think of your mobile as a miniature mine, with 95% of the materials and precious minerals from recycled phones being recovered and put back into the supply chain.

By registering for the Hoarders Come Clean Competition, you could win a personal session with Peter, as well as a Storage King storage unit and best selling books to help you continue a clutter free life. All up, the package is worth $3,230, with entries accepted from now until the 9th of May, all you need to do is tell them in 25 words or less why you are Australia’s largest mobile phone hoarder and how Peter Walsh could help you declutter your life.

Mobile Muster is a not-for-profit organisation, this means that revenue generated isn’t kept by some faceless corporation profiting from the donation of your old mobile phone. Any revenue generated from the donation of mobile phones goes towards community education and helping people in need. You can also rest assured that if you donate your mobile phone, that the data is destroyed.

To enter the competition, hit up their website or for more information on where to drop off your old mobile phone, you can check out a list of locations here.

Source: Hoarders Come Clean.