+ Monday August 19th, 2019

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Google Daydream VR: Australian Eyes-on report

At this morning’s MadeByGoogle event in Sydney, Google offered us a chance to go eyes-on with their new Daydream VR system ahead of its retail launch in November. As someone who’s used Cardboard a bit in his time, it’s interesting to see the clear evolution path from Cardboard to Daydream. …

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[Rumour] Google’s Pixel phones, 4K capable Chromecast and Daydream viewer to debut on October 4th.

There’s a lot of rumours floating around regarding the launch, or at least announcements of the upcoming HTC made Nexus, sorry Pixel phones from Google, but a new rumour is locking in October 4th as the date, and according to more rumours, they won’t be the only hardware announced. According …

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