+ Tuesday July 16th, 2019

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Smart Compose in Gmail is now available to all Android smartphones

Smart Compose in Gmail is basically predictive text taken to the next level. Unlike your keyboard, though, which predicts one word at a time, Gmail’s Smart Compose can predict whole sentences. The feature examines what you’re writing, and guesses the intent behind your communication. Smart Compose attempts to understand what …

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How to stop screenshots automatically uploading to Google Photos on your Samsung Device

For some of you who’ve only used recent Samsung devices, you may not be aware that it’s not “normal” behaviour for your screenshots to appear as photos and thus appear in the ‘photo’ section of your gallery. Worse, a consequence of this decision by Samsung is that all your screenshots …

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Have you tried Brave browser? It’s like Chrome, but ad-free and supports independent publishers

Chances are you use Chrome for your browser, or perhaps Safari if you’re an Apple user. Realistically these days, these are the first choices among browsers, and though there are competitors – Edge, Firefox, and so on – analytics tell us that not many people actually use them compared to …

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Transperth releases an updated app for Perth public transport users

Transperth has released an updated app for Perth public transport users after a successful testing phase. The app, which is available for free through Google Play and the App Store (iOS/Apple), enables the real-time tracking of buses, trains and ferry services accross the Transperth network. The addition of GPS tracking …

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