It happens regularly, but Netflix is about to raise its prices again. The raise is not significant but can quickly add up if you’ve got a multi-screen premium account.

For users on the basic subscription (single screen, SD streaming), costs remain at $10.99 per month. If you’re on the standard plan, changes are relatively minor, with the price going up by a single dollar to $16.99 per month. This maintains your dual-screen HD functionality within the account.

The premium plan sees the most significant increase of $3 per month, taking the cost up to $22.99 per month. Of course, being the highest cost, you’ve got the best features including 4K streaming and 4 simultaneous streams.

The changes in pricing will take effect when accounts are next billed but are immediate for new subscribers. The account owner will receive an email and notification in-app — in theory — 30 days before pricing changes are applied.