Every year we see a lot of specials come black Friday, and guess what? Here they come!

Google has already begun to tease their offerings without the specific prices we may see. As usual, these prices will likely extend to the retail channels, but the Google Store is a great starting point.

With specials on just about the full range of Google’s goodies, it’s worth waiting a week if you’re looking at any new purchases. The specials page shows that we’re going to see discounts on the Pixel 6, recently released Nest camera and doorbell.

For users looking to build up their smart home, there are also specials inbound on Assistant based devices including:

While we don’t yet know the exact details of the specials, history has shown Google really comes to the Black Friday party. Keep your eyes out at your chosen retailer, or on the Google Store at the middle of next week to see what we get.

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I wonder if there will be any Pixel 6 deals. Telstra had a good deal recently with $200 off the Pixel 6 (outright!) so I’m not sure Black Friday will be better but let’s see.