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Netflix seems ready to deliver on the threats against password sharing

We've known for some time this has been coming, but Netflix, it seems, is ready to crack down on password sharing. A FAQ on the company's website outlines how accounts are intended to be...

$6.99 Netflix basic with ads starts November in Australia

Netflix has announced that Australians will be able to signup for a new low cost $6.99/month "Basic with Ads" plan from November 4th 2022.ย  "Basic with Ads" will be available in 12 countries initially: Australia,...

Hints at what Netflix ad supported accounts may cost

We've been hearing for a while that Netflix may be looking at ad-supported accounts. Well, the foundation behind that rumour has strengthened, with Bloomberg having pricing information. At this stage, the indication is that the...

How much do streaming apps Netflix, Disney+, STAN etc cost per month?

Prices for most of the big streaming apps available in Australia have risen over time, reflecting their often huge debts and the cost of constantly creating and buying large quantities of movies and TV...

‘Never say never’: Netflix will introduce ads as an option on its streaming service

According to the New York Times, Netflix has informed internal employees that the company is planning to launch a low-cost subscription service with ads by the end of 2022, and will also crack down...

Netflix password crackdown pilot is losing subscribers overseas

Well, who didn't see that coming? Users impacted by the Netflix password sharing crackdown have started to leave the service. We've known for some time that the company was looking to crack down on...

The end to Netflix password sharing is nigh

We've seen it a few times already, but according to the New York Times, the end of password sharing is coming soon. As previously noted, the crackdown is coming off the back of a significant...

Netflix profits slow as it readies for password sharing

Netflix is the grand master of streaming, a mainstay in many households but unfortunately -- for Netflix at least -- not everyone pays for it. There are significant numbers of accounts that breach the...

Netflix is again, looking to crack down on account sharing

Whether you're sharing an account with a friend, family member or a random Netflix password you've acquired pay attention. We've seen it before, but it's never really come to fruition, however, Netflix is looking...

SubHub Deal: Free 6 months Netflix for some Optus customers

Optus customers should login to the Optus SubHub site and check if they are eligible to get $102 credit which can be used for Netflix access. Clive Dickens, VP of TV, Content & Product Development...

PSA: Whoever is paying for your Netflix is about to pay more

It happens regularly, but Netflix is about to raise its prices again. The raise is not significant but can quickly add up if you've got a multi-screen premium account. For users on the basic...

Revealed: how new Top 10 on Netflix popularity list is calculated

There are so many choices for movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix that it can be overwhelming. So it's good to hear that there is a new official "Top 10 on Netflix" website...

Netflix introduces free Mobile games for all subscribers

Netflix has announced their somewhat anticipated gaming service today, what's better is it's free and exclusive to Android. This conclusively ends the argument over whether Android or iOS is better I think you would...

Netflix continuing to crack down on account sharing

You'd probably be hard-pressed to find someone who isn't sharing at least one streaming account with family or friends. For consumers, it's a great thing because we're saving money. For the businesses...

New “Play Something” feature solves Netflix too much choice problem

Sometimes you just want to open Netflix and dive right into a new story without scrolling through options for 15 minutes first. There are times when we just donโ€™t want to make decisions.ย  A Friday...

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