We’ve been hearing for a while that Netflix may be looking at ad-supported accounts. Well, the foundation behind that rumour has strengthened, with Bloomberg having pricing information.

At this stage, the indication is that the ad-supported accounts are going to be roughly half the cost (US$7 to US$9) per month. There’s a bit of a problem, though, for users looking to save money; not all content will be available on the subsidised accounts. This is on top of the fact you’ll have to deal with an expected four minutes of adverts per hour.

In the current day and age, with the constant time considerations we face, will you be reducing costs and dealing with ads on your Netflix account?

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You know, I use Netflix USA and even then I’m still scrolling around wondering what to watch. Having ads will most likely allow me to subscribe to someone else as well.


I was hoping that the ad supported accounts were made completely free…

Ahmad Kishani

this cheap plan with ads is a trash plan

I wanna watch in 4k , dolby vision , dolby atmos and HDR10+

If you want these features you need to top netflix plan and this is what i want