Optus customers should login to the Optus SubHub site and check if they are eligible to get $102 credit which can be used for Netflix access.

Clive Dickens, VP of TV, Content & Product Development at Optus said of the news:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Netflix as our latest SubHub partner, with its vast selection of best-in-class entertainment now available to all Optus SubHub customers.”

As part of the launch, Optus has introduced two new nbn plans at standard and fast speed tiers, as well as a 5G internet plan, each with a Standard Netflix subscription included.

The nbn Internet Family Entertainer plans with a fast, safer and more reliable internet connection also include a WiFi Booster for more wall-to-wall WiFi coverage in your home and unlimited data, while the 5G Internet Entertainer Superfast plan with a next gen plug and play WiFi6 modem offers seriously fast speeds for seamless streaming in High Definition.

A reminder if you don’t know what Optus Subhub is, it aims to simplify content subscriptions and memberships by putting them in one place, allowing eligible Optus customers to save money by bundling several subscriptions into their Optus bill and getting a 5-10% discount on them all.

Even if you don’t qualify for this new Netflix deal, see if you qualify via Optus SubHub for 6 months free Amazon Prime access, 3 months free Kindle Unlimited and 1 month free Britbox, just to name a few offers.

Customers excluded from this limited time Netflix offer are customers with:

  • Only one of these Optus services:
    • Mobile Broadband
    • Internet
    • Prepaid Mobile
    • Optus Choice Plus Mobile plan
    • Connected device / watch plan
  • Optus nbn Family Entertainer or 5G Entertainer Superfast plans that already have Standard Netflix plan included
  • Overdue bills or ‘in Collections’

There are 3 steps to follow if you are eligible:

  1. Log in to your Optus SubHub account using your Optus My Account details and pick your Netflix plan
  2. Link your existing Netflix subscription or sign up to a new subscription to unlock a $102 credit on your Optus account. Don’t worry existing Netflix subscribers won’t lose their viewing lists etc.
  3. The $102 credit will be applied automatically to your Optus account once you have successfully completed your Netflix activation via Optus SubHub.

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, you can unsubscribe within the SubHub platform. You can do this at any time. Access to Netflix will cease at the next monthly renewal date for the subscription. This will not impact on the $102 credit applied to your account.

Note Optus is not offering the Netflix Basic Subscription via SubHub. If you are an existing Netflix Basic customer wishing to link your service, you will need to upgrade to a Standard or Premium Plan, which you can do via SubHub. If you are a new Netflix customer, you can select either the Standard or Premium plan options.

Also if you pay your account through Netflix, then once you move your Netflix subscription to Optus, Netflix will be automatically updated to stop billing you. However, if you pay your account through Apple or the App Store you will need to contact your provider to stop being billed. For any further questions, please contact Netflix Customer Service.

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I signed up to NF via SH before the six month deal was announced. So I tried cancelling it in hope that could use the discount, but to no avail 🙁

Not sure what I can do now.