+ Tuesday July 16th, 2019

Assistant and Artificial Intelligence

Google launches Wi-Fi Assistant for Nexus phones to automatically attach to open Wi-Fi networks

Google is starting to roll out a new feature called Wi-Fi Assistant to Nexus users which will allow you to connect to free, open Wi-Fi hotspots. Unfortuantely it’s not coming to Australia, at least initially. The option to connect to free, open Wi-Fi hotspots will allow users to access data, …

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Google Home — A Smart Home Device with Google Assistant

As expected Google have announced their in-home voice interaction device, the Google Home. Google Home will be a gateway to the Google Assistant allowing you to interact with Google’s new voice assistant. The Google Home hardware is basically a small WiFi speaker, with features including a user-swappable base and soft LED …

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Google Assistant — A Connected, Smart Home Assistant

Google kicked off today’s Google IO Keynote with “Google Assistant”, Google’s new conversational voice assistant. Google Assistant brings two way conversational interaction to Google’s current  voice interactions, e.g. OK Google, as well as becoming a platform for voice interactions going forward. Google Assistant is contextually aware, say you’re standing in …

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The creators of Siri take to the stage to show off their latest AI virtual assistant, VIV

In a world where someone is always looking for the next ‘big thing’, there is a cluster of trends emerging in the technology arena, Artificial Intelligence (AI), personal voice assistance, bots and X-as-a-platform, ie messaging as a platform for instance. Launched at TechCrunch’s disrupt conference overnight there is a new …

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Facebook is building their own virtual assistant right into Messenger called ‘M’

Facebook has joined the ranks of Google, Microsoft and Apple, announcing they too are getting into the virtual assistant game, building the functions right into the Facebook Messenger app. Rather than a search replacement like Cortana or Google Now, Facebook’s assistant will live in Messenger where you’ll be able to …

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Microsoft announces their virtual assistant Cortana is coming to Android

If you’re not quite happy with the functionality of Google Now, you’ll soon have another option – Microsoft’s Cortana. Microsoft has today announced that their virtual assistant will be moving to iOS and Android shortly. In their blog post, Microsoft has announced that they want to bring some of the …

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