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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Amazon App Store now live in over 200 countries, including Australia.

It appears that Amazons promise to open up their Android app store to over 200 countries including Australia has come to fruition, with Amazon updating their Android App today to add that additional support. Countries on the list include...

Caterpillar B15 Android Smart phone to arrive in Australia ‘this summer’

The Caterpillar B15 Smartphone we posted on yesterday, showed that there is definitely interest in a ruggedised Smart Phone of this magnitude, while their website lists details only for European and US distribution, we contacted Caterpillar Phones regarding an...

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S 4 — Your votes are in

Last month, following the release of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 for sale in Australia, we asked you -- our readers -- to tell us which one you thought was the smartphone of 2013. We might...

Officially, Galaxy S 4 Google Edition to remain US only

Further to yesterday's pseudo-news that MobiCity will stock the Galaxy S 4 Google Edition in Australia, Google has all but ruled out an international release of this device, stating to CNET that the device will be US only at...

Has the rumoured Samsung S4 Active shown up on video?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxkQavIz9wA Get your salt licks out folks, because it's another Samsung rumour. Mobile Tech Review has posted a short video on its YouTube channel of what it claims is a sneak peek at the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, a waterproof...

Opera browser, now in the Play Store

Opera, a browser alternative for those who don't like the stock browser or Chrome, is now available via the Play Store. Opera has come a long way from the first beta build we saw which was unstable, crashed...

Galaxy S 4 “Google Edition” to be available in Australia via MobiCity

Those of you salivating over the announcement of a "Google Edition" of the venerable Samsung Galaxy S 4 need not be worried that you won't be able to buy this beast in Australia. While there's been no official announcement...

Caterpillar announces B15 ruggedised Android phone on sale for US $349

Caterpillar the company that makes some of the largest earth moving equipment around, is moving into Smartphones and just like that equipment, the B15 from CatPhones is a ruggedised device built to withstand potential damage from water, shock and...

HTC One “Google Edition” coming soon?

Today we see a rumour emerging that it might not just be Samsung that's doing an AOSP version of its 2013 flagship, with HTC rumoured to be working on a similarly AOSP-powered version of its One handset. Apparently this rumour...

Australian Rugby Union releases Official Wallabies 2013 Lions Tour Mobile App

In June/July of this year the British and Irish Lions will tour Australia playing Rugby against the Wallabies. There will be three tests played in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney as well as games played in between against local sides...

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega on the way

If you like your phones extremely large, then how about a Galaxy S4 Mega? The latest update to the Samsung TV Remote application 'WatchOn' included a line that hinted that the Galaxy S4 Mega could soon be on its...

Pictures and some specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active leaked

The Galaxy S4 Active was first mentioned at the launch of the Galaxy S4 in Dubai, where President of Samsung Gulf Electronics Mr. Young Soo Kim advised that a ruggedised version of the Galaxy S4 would soon be available....

Google+ updated with some cool new features

By now most of us have heard all of the news that came out of Google I/O, and one of the bigger announcements was the introduction of the new enhanced photo features included in Google+. Well today the Google+ app...

Android 4.2.2 for Samsung Galaxy SIII leaks

Samsung has so far had a pretty decent track record with keeping all their older models of the Galaxy S line up to date and it appears that the Galaxy S III is about to get some love. A...

White Nexus 4 and Android 4.3 coming 10 June?

Prior to Google I/O there were rumours of a White Whale.. no.. a white Nexus 4. In fact, we've been covering these "White Nexus 4" rumours for months, going back as far as November last year. It seems that this...

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