When your Nexus 5 makes it into your hot little hands you will never have noticed the change LG have made to the icon it displays when on a 4G network here in Australia. Instead of displaying ‘LTE’ in the status bar, like it would in the US, it will instead display ‘4G’. Yep, now you know. There’s no real reasoning behind it, it’s just the way 4G is marketed in different countries.

hammerhead: Show 4G icon instead of LTE in Australia

So feel free to add that to list of useless trivia you have about Google’s latest and greatest Android hardware. If you haven’t already, you can purchase the Nexus 5 online from the Play Store.

Source: Google Source.
Thanks: Phil Sweeney.
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I wonder if this means Australians are getting a variant like when Telstra GNex’s were yakjudx(or whatever it was at the time). That will be a shame if it interferes with OTA timeframes

James Z

can someone please tell me if the nexus 5 is worth buying it please really appreciated guys

Kin Choi

yes if you want a cheap unlock device which can be used by majority of carriers


Why is this news? My htc one displays 4g rather than LTE

Buzz Moody

It’s just a cool/useless tidbit for you to choose to ignore at 11pm.


They are already out of black 32GB Nexus 5’s 🙁

Buzz Moody



So which carrier has the best 4G BYO plans going around?

Buzz Moody