RAZR M Jelly Bean
The time has come, for all the faithful Motorola RAZR M owners the Jelly Bean update you’ve been waiting for is here. Motorola has just announced via Twitter that the Jelly Bean upgrade is now rollling out in phases so you should expect to see a notification on your screen shortly.

We’ve already seen a couple of people notify us that they have received the update on their Telstra handsets including Chris one of the Ausdroid crew who advised that the update was around 240MB to download.

The update wasn’t due till Friday the 8th of February according to the Telstra Crowd support forum but I don’t think any RAZR M owner is going to argue with an early update.

Motorola has kindly provided a link to a guide of what you can ‘now’ expect on the RAZR M updates include Google Now, Expandable notifications and Android Beam to transfer files but head over to their website to get the full rundown.

To prompt your phone to check for an update go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check now for update but remember the rollout will be in stages so you may not get it straight away but it will come and reports are saying that it’s a good update.

Remember we love to hear about device updates, so if you see your device receive an update let us know via twitter or email.

Thanks: Adam.
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Does an unlocked RAZR M work on the Optus 4G network? Anyone?


I hope Razr V will have this update aswell

Alex D

I am loving the update. Seems to be a little faster and much more smoother. I hope it fixes the issue when listening to music, it doesn’t stutter slightly!!


want this phone on virgin….. badly.

Dimi Hava

It’s unlocked so you can buy it outright!


So far so good with mine. Google now works a treat, seems to be running smoother and a few small visual changes. Not really a huge change but its good to get the latest.