Welcome back to the awesomeness that is the Ausdroid Podcast. We are hitting the airwaves or video waves whatever you want to call it with another killer show. Sit back and relax cause it’s about to get messy. The video can be downloaded manually or you can get it through the new RSS feed below and you can also watch the video through our Youtube Channel: AusdroidTV.

You know the drill…

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Chris Rowland, Daniel Tyson, Geoff Fieldew and Tia Porter


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There’s a simple reason why Harvey Norman has gotten the nexus 4 exclusive. They are paying for the exclusive rights to the device, the same as Telstra, Vodafone or optus would pay to get an exclusive. It’s got nothing to do with who has a reputation for selling phones or who is partnered with which carrier. It’s all money. You guys need someone with more business sense.