+ Thursday July 18th, 2019

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YouTube introduce Heroes, YouTube’s version of Local Guides, with additional moderation tools, exclusive offers and a 5 tier level system

YouTube has long been criticised for being at the bottom of the barrel from the perspective of comments and community interaction. That’s not to say that there haven’t been some great communities built in YouTube but there are an overtone of low-quality, trollish or outright inappropriate comments to be found. …

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YouTube finally launches their live streaming service

Finally, after months of speculation, Google has officially announced that they are entering the live streaming video arena. Services like Meerkat, followed by Twitter’s Periscope, popularised the category of mobile live streaming video. Following that Facebook announced their Facebook Live streaming service, which has now hit Australian shores. During this …

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YouTube Gaming updates bring a more immersive game streaming service – app still not available in Australia

YouTube Gaming, the new hotness for YouTube is getting some updates, with updates to their mobile streaming apps and website announced overnight on their blog. In their post, YouTube said that the service has become the most watched platform for gamers in which every month gamers watch more than 144 …

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