If you’re a regular YouTube watcher, then it’s well worth investing in YouTube Premium. For $14.99 a month, you get to enjoy YouTube without those blasted adverts!

But if you’re already at peak subscription and prepared to wear the ads, then you may have noticed more ads lately.
A lot of users have noticed this in fact, with some reporting as many as ten unskippable adverts. The ads that fire up when you first start a stream are referred to as bumper ads, typically not long.

In reality, if you’re not on a Premium account for YouTube you’re not a customer, you’re a product being sold to advertisers; paying for the service with your time.

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Got YouTube Premium as a bonus from my Google Play Music subscription.
The only ads I see on YouTube, are the sponsor ads, content creators shove in their videos.
I’d hate being made to sit through unskippable ads, just to be allowed to watch a video.


I wouldn’t know, I subbed to Red back when it was $9.99 a month and haven’t let go since


You can always download the YouTube video which then is ad free.
Personally, I think the ad free subscription is way to expensive.


they should put just 1 to 2 ads


I bought the family subscription to Youtube Premium including music $17.99, I got in before the price rise, anyhow I give the extra family members to my nieces and nephews, they love it, that’s Christmas done for the extended family. My partner says I’m lazy and that’s not the Christmas spirit. So I told them I was going to buy real presents instead, each of my nieces and nephews said they would much prefer Youtube Premium as a present, it’s the digital age and teenagers see this as real presents, so I continue to be the lazy uncle that keeps… Read more »

Richard Long

“you’re not a customer, you’re a product being sold to advertisers”

Don’t be so dramatic – people have been watching ads on free to air TV for decades. But yeah if you don’t have the strength to sit through a few ads then sure, give Google even more money!


It’s not being dramatic, it’s a fact. It’s the same reason why adverts cost more to be shown during popular, prime time, shows on free to air TV. If you use an app that you aren’t paying for, then it’s inevitable that you are the product, with your data being harvested so targeted advertising can occur. That’s not necessarily bad, it just is.


Don’t be dramatic – TV stations have been using people as a product to sell to advertisers for decades.

Chuck Sneed

Just block them.

Paul Warner

Yep. Never see an ad when watching on my PC with an adblocker . Casting to the TV via a phone is another story.