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YouTube is rolling out a new look

YouTube has been around for about 17 years now and the team is currently working to modernise its look. The changes, outlined in a blog post, are a reaction to feedback from users around...

YouTube loves Handles, wants all creators to have them

YouTube has today introduced a new way for audiences to engage with YouTube creators, Handles. The main difference between a creator name and a Handle seems to be that each channel a creator has...

YouTube Shorts will be monetised from early next year

Given the roaring success of YouTube Shorts, it's not a surprise that the content creators have lobbied for monetisation. It's a clear and direct competitor to TikTok, with established YouTube channels getting a lot...

Are YouTube ads becoming more invasive?

If you're a regular YouTube watcher, then it's well worth investing in YouTube Premium. For $14.99 a month, you get to enjoy YouTube without those blasted adverts! But if you're already at peak subscription and...

YouTube to let creators sell paid training videos

With platforms like Skillshare and Masterclass gaining a strong footing, there's a market for online video training. It's on the back of this that YouTube has decided to move into the paid training market. Of...

YouTube Music update brings a cleaner interface to tablets

YouTube Music is the next Google App to show some love to tablets. The updated interface brings a slight change to landscape mode display that better utilises the available space. Rather than having the track...

Tweaks to the YouTube Music UI show Google hasn’t forgotten it

It's early days, but according to one Reddit user, the YouTube Music UI is getting an update. The addition is pretty subtle, but it's bringing the app more up to date with a...

YouTube Music reviews your year with a 2021 recap

Through the wonders of music, wander down memory lane with your 2021 year in review on YouTube Music. Following the path of other streaming services, YouTube Music is currently rolling out users 2021...

Trolls be gone: YouTube hides the dislike count

Let's be brutally honest for a moment, social media, on the whole, can be something of a cesspool. If you're on social media of any kind and haven't yet experienced some form of...

YouTube set to take on TikTok with YouTube shorts

TikTok has taken the mobile entertainment realm by storm, giving users quick access to short videos, produced purely for entertainment purposes and seemingly for people with short attention spans. Like other similar media...

Parental oversight for YouTube usage? Yes please!

YouTube can be quite the cesspool at times; you start watching some innocent content, follow a link then another and before you know it you're watching -- quite hilarious -- conspiracy theories. It's...

4K YouTube playback is coming…

It's a first world problem, but we all like to have our media playback at the maximum possible quality. While YouTube continues to be a major media consumption options for many, playback quality...

You can now add 9Now and YouTube Kids to Google Assistant

Google Assistant integrates with a number of video services which makes it easier to command and control your media consumption in your smart home. That deep integration does much more than letting you say...

YouTube Music Year in Review 2020 playlists rolling out now

Just like we have seen Spotify do in the last few days YouTube Music are rolling out users' "Year in Review" playlists although there is a difference. Without any real insight or inside...

Google Play Music is finally dead, RIP another much loved Google service

We've known it was coming for a long time now but that hasn't stopped us from bemoaning its demise but it's now official -- Google Play Music is finally dead. Surfing on over...

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