It’s early days, but according to one Reddit user, the YouTube Music UI is getting an update. The addition is pretty subtle, but it’s bringing the app more up to date with a Floating Action Button (FAB) to add music to playlists.

The majority of users (no one we’ve had contact from) will still see the older style menu for now. While the FAB looks good, it seems the new interface is a bit buggy with user randomdudeonthe commenting:

YTM new playlist UI is full of Bugs. I’m trying to scroll down but it won’t let me!

Other discussions on the thread also noted that features like “save queue” still haven’t appeared despite promises. There are still some of us who reminisce fondly on the days of Google Play Music, missing some features that haven’t come over. YouTube Music is here to stay: If you’re hoping for new features you can make requests through the feedback system. Of course, you can always move to another streaming music option if you’re unhappy – The choice is yours.

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noice brewery

So when are they going to develop a proper Youtube Music API?


The one and only tweak that would actually fully fix all the problems with YTM, is to bring back Google Play Music with ALL its features and capability intact.