Through the wonders of music, wander down memory lane with your 2021 year in review on YouTube Music. Following the path of other streaming services, YouTube Music is currently rolling out users 2021 recap. The automatically generated playlist features your most listened to tracks of the year.

Once your 2021 recap is available, you’ll have an expanded experience over last year. It’s not just your personalised playlist but a number of them generated by international listening habits:

Hit play on “Hits of 2021” for some of this year’s biggest hits, or dive into your favorite genres for 2021 highlights in Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Latin and more, all available through the YouTube Music app.

The blog post further explores what we can expect including a stack of stats to share about your listening habits. This covers your top artists, songs, music videos, playlists you’ve enjoyed throughout the year and suggests others you may like to try. The 2020 recap was a good start and a great playlist, I’m looking forward to giving this one a whirl soon.